Friday, April 22, 2011

The Wind

Merlin disappeared from Arthur’s world for many years; then one day he suddenly reappeared, walking out of the forest and up to Camelot. Overjoyed to see his master, King Arthur ordered a royal banquet in his honor. But Merlin acted bewildered, looking at his former pupil as if he had never seen him before.

“Perhaps I might attend, if U are who I take U to be,” Merlin said, “but tell me truly, who are U?” Arthur was astonished, but before he could protest, Merlin addressed the assembled court, saying loudly, “I shall offer this bag of gold dust to anyone who can tell me who this person is.” And immediately a purse bulging with pure dust of gold appeared in his hands.

Baffled and chagrined, none of the Round Table knights came forward. Then a young page ventured, “We all know this is the king.” Merlin shook his head and curtly dismissed the page from the hall.

“Don’t any of U know who this is?” he repeated.